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Recently I heard about this PowerPivot and found it’s a great feature added to Excel for interactive reporting. We can download this add-in for free from the link www.PowerPivot.com if you already have 2010 Excel installed on your machine.

So, I started to browse around to check if I can find some quality training on PowerPivot and here is what I found as of 9/20/12.

Startup videos from Microsoft’s youtube channel. However, the videos are not in a sequence, and I have to watch randomly all the videos to figure out the order and have to watch them again for better understanding. Hence I recommend to watch the videos in the below order:

  1. How to Install PowerPivot Add-In for Excel
  2. How to Import Data With PowerPivot for Excel
  3. How to Import Data From A SQL Server Database
  4. How to Create a Pivot Table from PowerPivot Data
  5. How to Create a Pivot Chart from PowerPivot Data
  6. How to Use a PowerPivot Slicer with a PivotTable
  7. How to Use a PowerPivot Slicer with a PivotChart
  8. PowerPivot Relationships Overview

Click Here to watch the videos from Microsoft’s BI YouTube channel

Click Here for overview of PowerPivot features

Click Here for PowerPivot component Architecture

Click Here for PowerPivot hands-on tutorial


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