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When an error is raised by the SQL Server Database Engine, we usually see the Severity Level as in the below example:

Msg 5184, Level 16, State 2, Line 1

The severity level of the error indicates the type of problem encountered by SQL Server. Hence looking at the Level we can get a quick idea of what the error is about and if it can be fixed by the user or not.

Below is the table where I tried to put all the Severity Levels in Brief:

Severity level Description
00 – 10 Informational messages – not severe
11  – 16 Indicate errors that can be corrected by the user
17 – 19 Indicate software errors that cannot be corrected by the user. Inform Sys Admin
20 – 24 Indicate system problems and are fatal errors

For more information and for a full table listing Levels of Severity, please refer MSDN BOL


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